Outraged over the lack of minority representation in the new fall prime-time lineups, NAACP president Kweisi Mfume recently accused the major television networks of perpetuating "a virtual whitewash in programming." What do you think?

"Black people are just as entitled to their own underwritten, one-dimensional characters as the rest of us."

Steve Flores • Bricklayer

"I've worked with poverty-stricken youths in inner-city homeless shelters, and if there's one thing these kids need, it's to see more blacks on TV."

Tami Johnson • Social Worker

"With the possible exception of MLK's assassination, there has been no greater setback in the struggle for racial equality than the 1996 cancellation of Homeboys In Outer Space."

Dale Gibson • Systems Analyst

"You've got to realize, there are two sides to every story. As a network exec, sure, I was criticized by the NAACP, but the NAAWP named me their Man Of The Year."

Roy Bainbridge • Network Executive

"I'm behind the NAACP 100 percent. Why? Because I really care about advancing colored people. Let's hear it for the coloreds!"

Carol Schinker • Bank Teller

"Dammit. The second you said 'Blacks on TV,' I got the theme from Martin stuck in my head. 'Mah-iiiin… Mah-iiiin.' Christ, that's annoying."

Doug Slattery • House Painter