Agent Asks Failing Actor If He’s Considered Becoming Alt-Right Commentator

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LOS ANGELES—Stressing that the career move had done wonders for his other clients, agent Brendon Lourde asked struggling actor Greg Hartley Thursday if he has ever considered getting into some alt-right commentary. “To be honest with you, I’ve been getting a ton of hard passes on the booking front, but I think there’s some real demand for a middle-aged performer like you to start up a podcast where you, say, tear into political correctness while chatting with a few guests from the alt-right sphere,” said Lourde, stressing that he was just spitballing, but that addressing even one or two tweets to the men’s rights movement would drive Hartley’s following through the roof, which would pave the way for some “great synergy” with a comedy special appearing exclusively on Vimeo where he touched on realizing the greatness of Western Civilization after being red-pilled. “Sure, you might be a little squeamish about claiming shooting victims are crisis actors now. I get that. All I’m saying is that auditions dry up real fast for a guy around your age, and another client of mine made $50,000 last week just from selling shirts that said ‘No Homo’ over a shot of him flipping off a gay pride march. Obviously, the choice is up to you, though.” At press time, the Hartley Files podcast had received 5 million viewers for a multi-hour episode in which its host sat down with Alex Jones.

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