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PARK CITY, UT—Admitting they felt utterly bewildered after viewing the new action movie Run River, audience members voiced their confusion Monday regarding a shot that panned from the villain to blood spattering against a wall. “It was really unclear; first, you see the bad guy with his hands up, then the camera moves to a wall, then the wall gets hit with blood, and then you hear something heavy hitting the floor. After that scene, we don’t even see the bad guy for the rest of the movie. Were we supposed to just guess what happened?” said audience member Hank Ulomi, noting that the character was one of the main criminals and therefore too important to simply go away without any sort of explanation. “I watched all the way through the credits to see if he showed up at some point, and also to find out where all that blood came from, but there was nothing. I guess that’ll be in the sequel.” The filmgoers added, however, that they were absolutely clear regarding the scene in which the hero and his lover found themselves under the bedcovers together straining to operate a bicycle pump.


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