Band Dreams Of One Day Becoming Popular Enough To Alienate Early Fans

AUSTIN, TX—Hoping to eventually reach a worldwide audience, members of the alt-rock band Few Are Silent told reporters Friday that they dream of one day becoming popular enough to completely alienate their early fans. “Right now, we’re just paying our dues by playing gigs around town, but it’d be pretty cool if someday we have a huge disaffected fan base that insists only our first two albums are worth listening to,” said lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jack Lewis, adding that the group aspires to someday team up with several high-profile Los Angeles music producers to create a more polished, radio-friendly sound despised by the band’s original fans. “Maybe five or 10 years down the line, I’d love to sell out stadiums and put on highly choreographed, overproduced shows that our current fans would claim don’t even come close to capturing the raw energy that we had back when we were just playing small clubs.” Lewis confirmed that he sometimes imagines a 20th-anniversary reunion concert at Madison Square Garden with just two of his original bandmates and several studio musicians.


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