Illustration for article titled Beyoncé Quickly Releases New Song About How Buying Tidal Subscription Most Empowering Thing A Woman Can Do

NEW YORK—Following on the heels of the surprise release of her new album, Lemonade, over the weekend, Beyoncé unexpectedly debuted a brand-new song Monday about how purchasing a subscription to the streaming music service Tidal is the most empowering action a woman can take, sources confirmed. “Beyoncé’s latest track is a spirited feminist anthem that sharply strikes at the patriarchy beginning with the opening verse, ‘Ladies, don’t ever let your man tell you what to do,’ before offering potent validation to her predominantly female listeners by stating that ‘High-quality streaming audio was made for queens like you,’” wrote New Yorker music critic Carrie Battan in a review of the new track, titled “Rise (And Sign In),” which was accompanied by a lush music video depicting the 20-time Grammy winner sitting in the study of a mansion clad in a majestic, diamond-studded fur coat while entering her credit card information into an online form. “She continues with even more pointed lyrics in the chorus: ‘Boss-ass bitch going hard with that $9.99 plan; stunners going harder with the lossless $19.99, fam.’ It’s a true ode to female strength, and a stirring call to action to women to rise up together and assert their economic independence.” At press time, the song had already been posted on a torrent site, where millions had downloaded and circulated it free of charge.

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