Last week, a Fox News Channel producer sued Bill O'Reilly for sexual harassment, alleging that the cable host pressured her into phone sex. What do you think?

"Someone's coming at Bill O'Reilly with lurid public accusations of a heinous personal nature? Wow. Sometimes life can be so… fair."

Peggy Knight • Art Teacher


"He wasn't sexually harassing her. He was just looking out for her, like he's doing for all of us, all the time."

Jonathan Warren • Announcer

"No wonder it costs $3.99 a minute to call in to 'The Factor.'"

Shawn Jiminez • Assessor


"Whether Andrea Mackris' claims are true or false, one thing is certain—that woman is never working for the vast right-wing conspiracy again."

Curtis Fletcher • Systems Analyst

"This is just another example of the liberal media's bias against self-destructive, narcissistic, screaming sexist assholes."

Andy Vaughn • Clerk


"Just once, I'd like to hear about a sex scandal with honest-to-God penetration."

Cindy Beck • Food Scientist