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NEW YORK—According to several eyewitness accounts, Icelandic singer and experimental artist Björk was reportedly spotted Wednesday night leaving a New York City nightclub with a mysterious firefly trapped within an ethereal bubble. “I can confirm that Björk was out and about in Manhattan last night canoodling with a flame-winged firefly imprisoned in a shimmering sphere, and you can bet we have pics,” said TMZ writer Alicia Yang of the potential fling between the 52-year-old musician and the mystical 4-foot-tall lightning bug with whom she spent much of the night spinning inside a prism of sparkling light several feet above the dance floor. “I’m also hearing that just after they left, these two lovebirds jumped straight into the same ostrich-drawn carriage and headed off toward towards her SoHo hotel, leaving nothing but lotus flowers and whalesong in their wake. Gosh, they make such a cute couple.” At press time, Björk had further stoked reports of her romance after she had enchanted a swan to deliver a love letter to her potential suitor by breathing a glittering vapor into its wings.


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