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FRAMINGHAM, MA—Calling the product the must-have item for true music connoisseurs, Bose officials announced Friday the release of the new W85 headphones that are specifically optimized for listening to Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know.” “We’re proud to introduce the W85 as the next generation in Whitney optimization,” said spokesperson Kathleen Campbell, touting the new headphones’ variety of customized features designed to enhance listener experience of the highs, lows, and key changes of the 1985 chart-topping hit. “With these new headphones, listeners can be sure they’re receiving the premiere ‘How Will I Know’ experience, from the song’s opening beats all the way to its iconic tenor saxophone solo—not to mention the smooth, powerful voice of Houston herself. The upbeat anthem of young love even comes preloaded onto the headphones on a six-hour loop, so there’s nothing to plug in or download. You’ll never listen to ‘How Will I Know’ the same way again.” Bose also teased the upcoming release of a new $4,000 home entertainment system optimized for “How Will I Know.”

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