A New York grand jury is investigating whether judges received illegal payments in connection with the controversial March 13 Evander Holyfield-Lennox Lewis title fight, which was ruled a draw despite the fact that Lewis seemed to have easily beaten Holyfield. What do you think about this latest boxing scandal?

"Can't two black men beat the holy hell out of each other in this country any more without some sort of controversy?"

Christopher Wooten • Bond Trader


"Thank heavens Muhammad Ali isn't lucid enough to comprehend this shameful episode."

Amy Des Jardins • Graduate Student

"I saw the fight, and the decision was a complete sham. It was clear that Willie Pep had knocked out Kid Bassey in the fifth. What? The fight wasn't on Classic Sports Network?"

Roger Traub • Systems Analyst

"With regard to boxing, I have only one question: Why'd you fuck Joey?"

Rajesh Bhawnani • Shipping Clerk


"It's the children I feel sorry for; the doe-eyed, apple-cheeked cherubs who look up to these sledge-fisted brutes."

Frances Phelan • Pastry Chef

"What? A boxing match may have been fixed? That's fascinating. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go contemplate the fact that I'm basically alone in the universe."

Larry Mees • Plumber