Can Celebrities Get A Fair Trial?

The inability to find jurors unfamiliar with Martha Stewart has raised concerns that celebrities cannot receive a fair trial. What do you think?

"So a bunch of famous people got arrested, and all of a sudden we're worried about fair trials?"

Jen Craig-Greenman • Paralegal

"Except for their incredibly well-funded legal-defense teams, these stars are on their own."

Janice Parks • Title Examiner

"I hope celebrities can get a fair trial in this country. God knows they can't get decent service."

Joey Reid • Cleaner


"May I remind you that I am not on trial here?! Sorry. I just love saying that."

Lee Daniels • Cook

"To ensure a fair trial, the judge should present the evidence with Gretchen Mol standing in for the defendant."

Harold Johnston • CEO

"Oh, great. If I somehow manage to avoid 20 years of Cheers and Frasier, my reward is a jury seat at Kelsey Grammer's child-murder trial?"

Timothy Bates • Systems Analyst

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