Cash-Strapped MoviePass Limiting New Users To One Movie Filmed In CEO’s Backyard Per Month

NEW YORK—In an effort to cut operating costs while still offering consumers the option to make cinema more accessible, cash-strapped ticketing service MoviePass announced Wednesday they would limit new subscribers to a single movie filmed in their CEO’s backyard per month. “We are proud to announce our new pricing model that allows cinema lovers to view a feature written, produced, and shot just for them in [MoviePass chief executive officer] Mitch Lowe’s yard each month,” said spokesperson Jenny Shifly, adding that users would be given exclusive access to bespoke blockbusters, such as the 160-second superhero epic Avengers in which Lowe dons an Iron Man mask and is pursued relentlessly around his shrubs by his children, dressed in their Spider-Man pajamas and armed with Silly String. “It’s as easy as checking in on the app when you arrive at his home. Unfortunately, online ticketing is not available, so you’ll have to come to the stand in his front lawn. All you need to do from there is grab some concessions in his kitchen and enjoy the show!” Shifly added that new MoviePass members should soon be receiving their copy of the CEO’s house keys in the mail.


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