Chris Columbus Admits There Are Hours Of ‘Home Alone 2’ Outtakes Featuring Trump Saying Racial Slurs

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Recounting the unexpected difficulties the future president’s brief cameo brought to his film shoot, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York director Chris Columbus admitted Wednesday that he has hours of outtakes featuring Donald Trump uttering racial slurs. “We thought it would be a fun little 30-second cameo from a popular New York figure, but we got barely any usable footage because Trump kept yelling [the N-word] at everyone in the lobby of the Plaza,” said the director, who divulged that several takes had to cut early as Trump unleashed a 15-20-minute torrent of various racial slurs, once even wrestling the Talkboy voice-changing tape recorder from Macaulay Culkin’s hands and filling its 30-minute cassette with disparaging slurs for Mexicans. “We had to spend two days shooting that scene. We’d feed him his line, but every time he’d say something like, ‘The lobby’s over there by those [N-words],’ and we’d have to cut yet again. His cameo was meant to be much longer, but we edited it down to the few seconds where he wasn’t bellowing anything horribly offensive.” Columbus went on to describe the full-page ad Trump took out in the New York Post demanding the Pigeon Lady’s arrest and execution for her suspicious activities in Central Park.


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