Illustration for article titled Director Sadly States Cancel Culture Would Never Let You Make Zapruder Film In Today’s Climate

LOS ANGELES—Expressing a longing for past eras that were more tolerant of artistic expression, director Greg Loud sadly reflected Monday that the current climate of cancel culture would likely never let you make the Zapruder film today. “In these highly PC times, there’s no way a classic picture like the Zapruder film would ever get off the ground,” said Loud, telling reporters that the influential and celebrated 1963 film would almost certainly be decried as offensive and overly violent by today’s social justice warriors. “We just live in a day and age where censorship is the norm and everyone is dying to be outraged, so as soon as audiences got one look at John F. Kennedy’s head exploding, the blue checkmark Twitter mob would’ve probably driven Abe Zapruder out of town on a rail.” Loud added that the situation was arguably even worse with comedies, reflecting that with current cultural tastes, the video of the Challenger explosion would likely never have even made it past the pitch stage. 


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