Illustration for article titled Disney Plus Suffers Miserable Debut After Tennis Channel Launches Streaming Service On Same Day

BURBANK, CA—In what industry analysts are calling an unprecedented shake-up in the streaming wars, several reports indicated Tuesday that Disney Plus suffered a lackluster debut after the Tennis Channel simultaneously offered its own on-demand subscription service at the same monthly rate. “While Disney’s back catalog is obviously pretty extensive, the opportunity to stream every tennis match broadcast in the history of television was simply too good to pass up,” said Cleveland resident Caroline Santos, who, according to sources, was just one among many thousands of consumers who scrambled to cancel their pre-ordered Disney Plus memberships after the new streaming platform Tennis Channel Unlimited became available this morning. “Disney Plus has most of the Marvel stuff and some new shows that look promising, but if I’m going to pay $6.99 a month, I’d much rather be able to binge-watch hundreds and hundreds of hours of tennis. Having access to the 1979 Australian Open semifinals whenever and wherever we want is something my whole family will appreciate.” At press time, the Walt Disney Company announced it had acquired the Tennis Channel for $80.5 billion.


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