Illustration for article titled Episode Of Cooking Show Implying Pastry Chefs Some Sort Of Oppressed Minority

LOS ANGELES—Insinuating that there exists a social ladder upon which people who prepare gourmet desserts for a living occupy the lowest rung, a recent episode of the Bravo series Top Chef strongly implied that pastry chefs were some sort of oppressed minority. “Everyone is underestimating me because I trained as a pâtissier, but I know I can stand toe-to-toe with my rivals,” said Ryan Calbert, a contestant on the show who graduated from the prestigious Ferrandi culinary school in Paris, speaking as if he belonged to a marginalized group and had faced grave prejudice as a chef who prepared sweet dishes rather than savory ones. “Everyone looks at me and just sees a guy who makes cakes and cookies. Well, I’m going to change a few attitudes by the time I’m finished here. Pastry chefs can do anything anyone else can do. Give me a shot and I’ll prove it.” Reports confirmed that by the episode’s end Calbert had lost a challenge and been eliminated for the season. 

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