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LOS ANGELES—In an effort to create the illusion that the horrific decapitation was deliberate, Game Of Thrones producers were frantically re-shooting the series finale Tuesday to make Peter Dinklage’s death seem intentional. “Christ, okay, shit, maybe we can get some B-roll footage to establish a visual explanation for Peter’s head being chopped off by that piece of lighting equipment that came loose and plummeted to the ground,” said executive producer David Benioff, scrambling to set up a shot with a character wielding a bloody axe to justify why Dinklage was headless on the floor. “Come on, people, we don’t have much time here. Let’s get some makeup on Peter’s face to fix that discolored skin. Clean up that blood, but save it, don’t throw it out, that stuff looks pretty realistic on camera. Alright, tape Peter’s head back on and let’s nail this scene.” At press time, the producers were thrilled after the hyper-realistic final beheading scene turned out even better than what was originally in the script.


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