Illustration for article titled ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Annoyed By Obvious Product Placement For Valyrian Steel

LOS ANGELES—Expressing disappointment that the beloved series had evidently been tainted by corporate interests, Game Of Thrones fans across the nation were annoyed Sunday at the show’s increasingly frequent and obvious product placement for Valyrian steel. “It’s just so gross and artificial. They really go out of their way to talk up Valyrian steel over and over again,” said local Game Of Thrones fan Emily Lopez, explaining that her exasperation with the overtly corporate-minded HBO producers had reached a boiling point following a recent scene that seemed to exist for no other reason than for one character to “ooh and ahh” over a Valyrian steel sword given to him as a gift. “I mean, I get it, they have to pay the bills somehow, but it’s getting ridiculous. Valyrian steel basically has the whole show in their pockets, and now it’s like every episode is just a commercial for high-end swords and spears. It’s so distracting.” Lopez also expressed her growing frustration with the show’s increasingly frequent mentions of brand-name Dragonglass.


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