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CHICAGO—Stressing that a posthumous release was still better than no release at all, Game Of Thrones fans nationwide confessed Monday that they were now just hoping George R.R. Martin dies soon so his estate could publish whatever he’s already written. “Listen, he’s gotta have at least two-thirds of The Winds Of Winter stashed away somewhere, and if he won’t release it? Maybe his family will,” said Karl Roberts, 31, adding that he really didn’t care how the sixth book got out into the world, and would even settle for some Reddit user just leaking the thing. “I mean, he’s definitely had a three-page outline of the whole goddamn series lying around his office since, like, 1993—so that’s something. Also, it’s not like we don’t have a pretty good idea about the endgame anyway. Jamie is probably going to kill Cersei. Jon’s gonna ride a dragon. But here’s the thing—I want to read it for myself. And if he has to kick the bucket for that to be it.” At press time, Roberts conceded that he did hope Martin survived long enough to publish the final installments of Wild Cards.


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