Illustration for article titled ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Shocked After Some Little Goblin Or Something Killed Off In Last Night’s Episode

NEW YORK—Saying the series’s latest dramatic turn caught them completely off guard, fans of the HBO series Game Of Thrones reacted with shock to Sunday night’s episode in which some little goblin or something was killed off. “Man, I knew they had some big surprises in store, but to kill off that enchanted hobgoblin or mage or whatever? That was insane,” viewer Adam Koskei said of the episode’s unexpected climax, which not only featured the death of some sort of little warlock-type character, but also included a major secondary plot twist in which the centaur Stonebane Darkwind or maybe Kyrus Valorheart finally cast an ancient spell or something to that effect. “And it was so crazy how he was killed with that cursed rune or a fire-axe or a similar thing in that vein! I thought for sure he was going to get that chair, but now it seems like the Grand King or Magic Duke or whoever will get it instead.” The show’s fans added that they could barely wait to see whether the dragon-riders could protect the castle from the gorgons or whatever-the-fuck in next week’s season finale.

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