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BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND—Discussing the hit HBO fantasy drama with reporters ahead of this weekend’s season finale, Game Of Thrones producers revealed Thursday that the series had moved beyond the show’s written script halfway through the current season. “Over the first six and a half seasons, we had been following closely along with the meticulous, rich details provided in our show’s scripts, but once we got to the ‘Spoils Of War’ episode this season, we ran out of all written dialogue and plot and just pushed forward in a new direction from there,” said series co-creator and executive producer David Benioff, noting that the action on-screen during the past three episodes had not been based on any of the existing books, any of the scripts penned by the show’s writing staff, or any material at all that had been preconceived and written down anywhere. “At this point, the show has completely diverged from scripted narrative and character arcs, and I think it’s adding a new and exciting element for our fans. Viewers can rest assured knowing that the final season will answer all their questions about who in Westeros will sit on the Iron Throne, even if we don’t have any scenes or storyline whatsoever to work from.” Benioff then refused to respond to swirling rumors that Sunday’s episode would feature each of the show’s characters silently meandering around an open field for 80 minutes.

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