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AUSTIN, TX—Faced with allegations that it has repeatedly given preferential treatment to widely enjoyed artists and music, the 62nd annual Grammy Awards was formally accused Sunday of showing an unfair bias toward nominees that accurately represent what the nation at large is listening to. “I swear, the Recording Academy is just shamelessly pandering to a general consensus held by a majority of Americans about what constitutes good music,” said local awards-show viewer Ross Faust, who complained that by recognizing Post Malone and Lizzo while it neglected other, lesser-known names, the Grammys was showcasing its prejudice against artists most people haven’t listened to and almost no one cares about. “I don’t get it. I’ve barely heard any of these songs outside of radio, bars, stores, clubs, commercials, and blockbuster movies. The fact that millions of people have listened to them constantly and developed emotional connections to them just doesn’t seem like a criterion that should be used to decide what constitutes the best music of the era.” At press time, reports confirmed the Grammys had caved to pressure and added a new category called This Really Obscure Band You Probably Don’t Know About of the Year.


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