Today is acting legend Patrick Duffy's 60th birthday. What do you think?

"At first I didn't understand why everyone was drinking lots of beer and wearing green today, but now I realize it's because of Patrick Duffy's birthday."

Max Schwartz β€’ Preschool Attendant


β€œSure most people think of him as Bobby Ewing from Dallas or Frank Lambert from Step By Step, but to me he'll always be the goat from CBS’s 1985 made-for-TV production of Alice Through The Looking Glass. Happy Birthday, Goat.”

Maura Bois β€’ Home Search Consultant

"Patrick Duffy is also the name of the man who owns that bar and grill in Kirkwood. But I know he has dabbled in acting, too. So which one are you talking about?"

Stu Granozio β€’ Cellular Tower Climber