Today is acting legend Patrick Duffy's 60th birthday. What do you think?

"At first I didn't understand why everyone was drinking lots of beer and wearing green today, but now I realize it's because of Patrick Duffy's birthday."

Max Schwartz • Preschool Attendant


“Sure most people think of him as Bobby Ewing from Dallas or Frank Lambert from Step By Step, but to me he'll always be the goat from CBS’s 1985 made-for-TV production of Alice Through The Looking Glass. Happy Birthday, Goat.”

Maura Bois • Home Search Consultant

"Patrick Duffy is also the name of the man who owns that bar and grill in Kirkwood. But I know he has dabbled in acting, too. So which one are you talking about?"

Stu Granozio • Cellular Tower Climber

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