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LOS ANGELES—Admitting they were confounded by the huge numbers being put up by the 2001 feature starring Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn, and Jack Black, top film industry analysts told reporters Monday they had yet to determine how Saving Silverman managed to break numerous box office records over the weekend. “As far as we know, this movie doesn’t really have much of a cult following, so it’s kind of weird that it was showing on enough screens to take in $400 million domestically during a span of three days,” said box office forecaster Errol Kaucher, who reached out to several of the 5,000 theaters screening the film in an effort to determine how they all independently decided to run the nearly two-decade-old buddy comedy, reportedly without even consulting each other. “To be clear, this isn’t a remake. It’s the original movie. Everyone’s money was on Avengers: Endgame taking it all last weekend, but somehow Saving Silverman came along and blew it out of the water. [Director] Dennis Dugan has had box office success before with Grown Ups, but we really didn’t think he was capable of anything like this. We did have an early indication something was up after hearing about sold-out theaters in the select cities that got a sneak-peak of Saving Silverman on Thursday. Still, this pretty much came out of nowhere.” At press time, analysts confirmed they were again confounded after learning Saving Silverman had resonated deeply with Chinese audiences and grossed an additional $1 billion overseas. 


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