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LOS ANGELES—Noting the interest generated by the extensive television coverage of Harvey Weinstein’s arraignment on sexual assault charges, Hollywood producer Jeff Moss admitted Friday that he can’t stop thinking about the giant pile of money he could make off a movie about the unfolding scandal. “What Harvey did to all those women is totally fucked up and appalling, but just think of the gorgeous, star-studded cast—this story has all the ingredients for a massive summer blockbuster,” said Moss, who added he could think of roughly a dozen Hollywood leading men with the energy necessary to play the lead role. “Right now, he’s the ultimate villain you love to hate. He’s just pure evil. Seems like no redemption is possible for what he did to those women—and just think of the stunning women! One after the other! I mean, yes, I get it, it’s horrible that he supposedly groped, harassed, sexually assaulted, or raped them all, but c’mon, don’t for a second try to tell me that this movie wouldn’t make bank.” Moss has reportedly already instructed his agency to issue a casting call for “at least 80 potential roles for attractive, vulnerable women in their mid-to-late 20s.”

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