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EMERYVILLE, CA—Criticizing the Motion Picture Association of America for its lack of transparency in the matter, the producers of Incredibles 2 on Monday divulged that they were forced to cut a grisly cannibalism scene in order to secure the film’s PG rating. “Honestly, I don’t see what they find so offensive about this scene,” said director Brad Bird, adding that the sequence in question, which depicts a ferocious baby Jack-Jack pulling out and consuming coil after coil of a still-living henchman’s steaming intestines, was relatively tame compared to the version from the original script. “It’s tough because we spent months studying anthropophagy, anatomy, and human pain response during vivisection to make sure we really got this scene right. We even offered to compromise by cutting the scene down to 17 minutes, but in the end, we caved. Pixar really wants that PG rating.” In related news, Bird won his battle with film-board censors to keep another scene in which Violet calls her mom a cunt.


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