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CULVER CITY, CA—Explaining that it just came to him in a moment of inspiration, Columbia Pictures executive Andrew Killian told reporters this week that he has an incredible idea for a new film budget. “I’d been bouncing around some different numbers all day, but then, out of nowhere, it just hit me: $56 million,” said Killian, describing how he immediately reached for his leather-bound notebook to write down the budget so that he wouldn’t forget. “Anyone can come up with an idea for another $110 million blockbuster budget, or just remake a tired old $19 million budget from the 1980s, but this idea’s fresh and different. Nobody’s doing this figure.” After speaking with the press, Killian reportedly got up in the middle of the night to write down an idea for a $33 million budget, only to look at it Tuesday morning and realize it was ridiculous.


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