Jason Momoa Reveals He Spent Months Becoming Useless Dumbass To Get Into Character For ‘Aquaman’

LOS ANGELES—Describing his character-oriented method acting process for the first time, Jason Momoa revealed Thursday how he prepared to play Aquaman by spending more than six months living as a useless dumbass. “It was, surprisingly, a lot of hard work being such an ineffective dipshit 24/7,” said Momoa, 39, adding that he often felt exhausted after long days spent paddling aimlessly around aquatic film sets while staring off into the sky. “I’d have to say that the most difficult part of playing Aquaman was mastering his method of showing up places where things needed to be done, but then doing nothing despite how much I felt like doing something. If my wife was doing dishes and asked me for a towel, I couldn’t even say no, because even that response would be too helpful. Believe me, it takes a lot of willpower to simply exist as a completely ineffectual dope.” Momoa claimed he passed the time on set by alternating between trying to imagine how being able to ask fish for help would be at all useful and hitting his head against a wall to stay unfocused.


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