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NEW YORK—Expressing irritation at the lack of communication from Disney regarding the major casting discrepancy in the newly-released film, John Oliver expressed annoyance Thursday after discovering that he was the only non-CGI character in the Lion King remake. “What in the hell? Everyone else provides a voice for a painstakingly and realistically modeled animal,” said the actor and Last Week Tonight host, watching in horror as his character, Zazu the hornbill, appeared onscreen with just a plastic beak to lecture a flawlessly rendered CGI lion voiced by Donald Glover. “They continuously misled me as to the nature of my role and they didn’t even bother to give me feathers and I’m wearing my normal clothes. At one point, my beak fell off and they claimed it would be fixed in post, but they even kept that part in. You can clearly hear me saying ‘Oh, no, my beak.’ This is humiliating. I can’t believe this was part of [director Jon] Favreau’s vision.” Oliver admitted that he was most embarrassed by the scene in which he was shown hesitantly and clumsily clambering up a tree branch to admonish the Chiwetel Ejiofor-voiced Scar.


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