LOS ANGELES—Following the confirmation of the Ryan Coogler–produced, LeBron James–starring sequel to the popular 1996 film, actor Kevin Hart reportedly announced Thursday that he was just going to assume he’s in Space Jam 2 unless he hears otherwise. “If they’re making the Space Jam sequel I think they’ll be making, there’s just no way I won’t be in it,” said Hart, adding that he had already blocked out June and July 2019 on his calendar to film the movie and was just waiting to hear from his agent to confirm. “You have to imagine there will be a couple jokes about the fact that LeBron and the other basketball players are tall and I’m short. That will be good for some laughs. I’m guessing that one of the cartoons will dunk over me, and I assume I’ll say something like ‘Damn, that alien got moves.’ Until they tell me different, I’m just figuring I’ll get down on my knees and comically beg the Looney Tunes to go easy on me before I get blown up with cartoon dynamite.” Hart added that if he wasn’t going to actually appear in the film, he assumed he would probably be performing the voice of a large, imposing-looking Monstar who was actually a fast-talking wimp.


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