NEW YORK—Saying she had never felt more complete and was “so grateful to be home,” Kevin Can Wait actress Leah Remini told reporters Thursday that she has rediscovered her faith in Scientology after going through a difficult point in her life. “I was really lost for the last few years, and it wasn’t until recently that I reached for my copy of Dianetics and understood how desperately I wanted to reconnect with my faith, that I was Clear once and could be again,” said Remini, adding that as soon as she realized how unhealthy it was to repress thousands of years of traumatic memories from past lives, she was ready to fully recommit to unshackling herself from her reactive mind. “The folks at my church welcomed me back with open arms and started auditing me like I never left—they’re just that kind of people. And now that I’m back on track and focusing on reaching OT Level 8, the past three years seem like a terrible dream.” At press time, Remini was reportedly struggling with her faith again and was deeply thankful for the opportunity to rehabilitate in a labor camp.


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