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NEW YORK—Saying the news would come as a big disappointment to her, former CBS chairman and CEO Les Moonves confided to reporters Tuesday that he was uncertain how to tell his wife Julie Chen he didn’t get the $120 million bonus he had been expecting from the company. “She’s going to be so upset with me when she finds out,” said Moonves, adding that he could put off breaking it to Chen for a little while, but that eventually she would wonder what had happened to the nine-figure sum he had promised her he would be receiving upon his exit from CBS. “Julie was so excited when I told her about the big bonus I’d be getting this year. She even left her job at The Talk because I made it sound like a sure thing. Gosh, what if she’s already spent some of it?” At press time, Moonves was reportedly worried that his wife had begun to suspect something was up after he canceled the big vacation they’d been looking forward to.

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