Illustration for article titled Lin-Manuel Miranda: ‘You People Are Giving Me Too Much Fucking Money’

NEW YORK—Noting the fat paychecks he’d received for his work on Broadway and in Hollywood, Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda announced Thursday that “You people are giving me too much fucking money.” “Holy hell, I wrote one musical about a founding father, and you goddamn lunatics are throwing millions of dollars at me like I invented theater or something. Get a grip,” said Miranda, who wondered aloud if Disney would still have paid $75 million to acquire the rights to his play, Hamilton, if they knew he’d “shit it out in one night after reading the dude’s biography.” “Why am I getting paid to go on late-night shows and freestyle with the host? Or voice a cartoon character in an episode of some animated show? I’m touched you all liked the rap songs, but stop with the big bucks because it’s getting embarrassing. I’m just one guy in an entire industry of people struggling to make any money at all.” Miranda urged anyone who wanted to give him more money to instead “throw some cash at whoever wrote Wicked because that shit is incredible.”


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