OXFORD, ENGLAND‚ÄĒExplaining how the timeless clash between the two sides remains among the most elemental forms of storytelling worldwide, a study published Tuesday by researchers at Oxford University has concluded that virtually all modern narratives are re-expressions of the classic Alien Vs. Predator conflict. ‚ÄúThe Epic Of Gilgamesh, Paradise Lost, The Old Man And The Sea‚ÄĒeach is simply a different culture‚Äôs exploration of the ageless, universally relatable struggle between Alien and Predator,‚ÄĚ said study co-author Dr. Gavin Horsley, who noted he has yet to encounter a civilization whose most prized written works and oral traditions did not derive from the prototypical confrontation between the savage Xenomorphs and their technologically advanced, extraterrestrial humanoid adversaries. ‚ÄúEven when the conflict is internal, such as that of the titular character in Shakespeare‚Äôs Hamlet, it‚Äôs one‚Äôs internal Alien versus one‚Äôs internal Predator‚ÄĒan extension of the classic AvP ur-myth that underpins every fictive struggle.‚ÄĚ Horsley went on to cite Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem as ‚Äúa narrative Rosetta Stone‚ÄĚ to deciphering any other sequel in the Eastern or Western canon.