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SANDUSKY, OH—Immediately standing up from his seat and striding quickly past other visitors as soon as the snack was over, Cedar Point amusement park patron Paul Matazaro reportedly raced back to the end of the line for another funnel cake Thursday. “That was incredible! It went by so fast, though—I have to do it again!” said Matazaro, patting his shirt free of powdered sugar as he stood on his toes and craned his neck to get a better sense of how long he’d have to wait for another go at the freshly fried masses of batter. “My stomach still feels a little queasy, but it’ll probably settle down by the time I get to the front. Oh, man, I can’t wait!” Matazaro added that this time around, he wouldn’t hold back his excitement, saying he might get pretty loud when he reaches the best parts of the confection.


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