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AKRON, OH—In an effort to arrive at an impartial assessment of this year’s field, area man Kurt Holden told reporters Thursday that he would postpone any judgments on the best actress Oscar nominees until he looked at all five pictures. “I’ve always liked Julianne Moore, and I think she’s fantastic in this particular picture, but to be fair I need to take the time for an in-depth viewing of each of these actresses’ pictures,” said Holden, who confirmed that he has only seen pictures of two of this year’s nominated actresses, but planned to explore the nuances and subtleties of the entire field before reaching a verdict. “I held off until the Academy revealed its choices, but now I’m actually kind of interested in checking out the Marion Cotillard picture. Who knows? I might even look at Felicity Jones’ picture two or three times.” At press time, Holden had rejected Reese Witherspoon as his selection for best actress, noting that he was bored of her picture after the first few minutes.


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