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MIAMI—Emphasizing that he didn’t want to be out of the loop for even a second, local 26-year-old Jason Dawles told reporters Friday that he wishes Live Nation would email him whenever any band was playing anywhere. “If a band is headed to my neighborhood for a show next weekend, or if they’re playing 500 miles away six months from now, I absolutely want to know as soon as Live Nation can alert me,” said Dawles, adding that the degree to which he knows about or enjoys the artist in question should have no bearing on the volume of email notifications he receives. “There is not a minute in the day when I don’t want to be notified about where Beck, Sia, Halsey, Imagine Dragons, Alabama Shakes, Paramore, Paul McCartney, and Papa Roach are performing—doesn’t matter what venue, or what country, or whether I can get there, or whether I want to. I’d love if Live Nation could just keep me updated about everything, without pause. Maybe they could use push notifications, too?” At press time, Dawles was reportedly too busy to attend any of this weekend’s concerts in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Kansas City, St. Louis, Berlin, Barcelona, Seoul, and Vancouver, but he was thrilled that the mobile entertainment service had given him a heads-up.


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