VALDOSTA, GA—Growing increasingly frustrated as he watched the clips on his laptop, local man Terry Waskin on Thursday was reportedly wondering when the Ocean’s 8 trailer was going to show the film’s protagonist. “So far I see Sandra Bullock and the woman from Lord of the Rings, but who plays the main character?” said the visibly confused Waskin, adding that though the preview for the upcoming heist comedy had just 20 seconds remaining and had featured a series of supporting characters including one or more likely romantic interests, it somehow had yet to reveal who had the lead role. “James Corden definitely has a role, but he has to be some sort of comic relief sidekick. Why are they keeping the main guy such a secret? How will I know if I even want to see this movie if I don’t know who the star is?” At press time, Waskin had decided that the identity of the protagonist must be part of a major plot twist and therefore couldn’t be revealed in the trailer.


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