Illustration for article titled Meghan McCain Defends Right To Own Dozens Of Guns She’s Hidden In Strategic Parts Of ‘The View’ Set

NEW YORK—Responding to criticisms of her recent condemnation of gun control, Meghan McCain took time during Wednesday’s episode of The View to passionately defend her right to own the dozens of firearms she has concealed in strategic locations throughout the show’s set. “It’s my constitutional right to protect myself with the numerous guns I keep within arm’s reach at all times during the broadcast of this show,” said McCain, telling her View co-hosts they simply couldn’t understand the perspective of everyday Americans who need a gun taped under every table, chair, and craft services tray around them just to feel safe. “Every citizen should be allowed to quickly access a sidearm and discharge as many rounds as necessary to neutralize a threat that, God forbid, might one day emerge from our audience, crew, or co-hosts. Whether we’re doing the ‘Hot Topics’ segment or an interview with Emma Stone, I deserve the comfort of knowing I’m a button-press away from having a Sig Sauer M400 drop from a secret compartment and into my hands so I can defend my liberty. That’s what the Second Amendment is all about.” McCain also warned that “there’s going to be a lot of violence” if people continue to talk about taking away her job.


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