Illustration for article titled Michelle Obama ‘Becoming’ Netflix Documentary Spends First Hour On Embryonic Stage

LOS ANGELES—Calling the upcoming release “surprisingly intimate,” sources confirmed Wednesday that Becoming, the new Netflix documentary about Michelle Obama, spends the first hour on the former first lady’s time spent in the embryonic stage. “It’s fascinating to explore this undiscussed time in Michelle Obama’s life where she was merely an embryo feeding off nutrients from a yolk sac,” said film critic Robert Vogt, describing how the first two-thirds of the film depict Obama’s first eight weeks in the womb, followed by the final 30 minutes of the film running through her time in the fetal stage up to 2016. “The embryonic stage was an extremely formative time for her. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Michelle or Barack Obama, it’s inspiring to see how one of the most powerful women in the world started off as a mass of cells in a uterus. Little did that single-layered blastula on the South Side of Chicago know that she would one day become a multi-layered gastrula.” At press time, Vogt admitted the documentary was “imperfect,” remarking that the filmmakers could have spent a little more time focusing on the germinal stage in the fallopian tubes.

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