Illustration for article titled Movie Theater Security Reports Suspicious Behavior After Patron Buys Ticket To ‘Gemini Man’

ATLANTA—With the theater on heightened alert for unusual activity, sources confirmed Thursday that security staff at the local Bellwether Cinema 14 reported suspicious behavior on the premises after a patron purchased a ticket to the action-thriller Gemini Man. “From the moment he approached the booth and sought admission to our first screening of the movie, we knew this was a deeply disturbed individual,” employee Jennifer Mendoza said of the unidentified middle-aged male, who, with unsettling statements like “One adult for the 7:25 p.m. showing, please” and “I hear Will Smith’s great in this,” immediately caught the attention of security. “Once his ticket was torn and he made his way toward the theater where Gemini Man is playing, we realized this was a very serious situation and immediately contacted the authorities. Thankfully, the showing is completely empty apart from this one suspicious person, so any damage inflicted will be minimal. Still, it’s scary to think there are people like this out there.” At press time, local police were seen dragging the patron out of the theater after he had escalated concerns by staying to watch the film’s closing credits.


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