Illustration for article titled Nation Breathes Sigh Of Relief After Learning Cast Of ‘Brockmire’ Wishes Them Well

NEW YORK—The nation reportedly breathed a sigh of relief Monday after learning of a social media message from IFC sitcom Brockmire in which the cast and crew wished them well amidst these trying times. “Thank God, if Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet want us to do our part to stay healthy and happy during the outbreak, then maybe we’ll actually make it through this thing,” said 323 million visibly comforted Americans, who collectively exhaled with the reassurance that can only come from receiving well-wishes from the leading actors and actresses behind a comedy about the hijinx that ensues from a disgraced Major League Baseball announcer attempting to reclaim his former glory. “Here we were sitting in our homes and ready to give up hope, and then suddenly Paul Rae steps in to shine a light on us in the darkest of times and give all of us the strength to carry on. We’re going to persevere and come out of this crisis after all. We just know it. And we know it because of Brockmire.” At press time, the tearful nation had joined together in a shared round of applause for showrunner Joel Church-Cooper and everything his ensemble cast had done for the country.

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