Illustration for article titled Nervous, Jeans-Wearing Charlize Theron Wishes Someone Had Told Her This Was Supposed To Be Formal Event

LOS ANGELES—Flushed with embarrassment after surveying her peers on the red carpet, a jeans-wearing, sweatshirt-clad Charlize Theron nervously admitted Sunday that she wished someone had told her the Academy Awards were supposed to be a formal event. “Ah, geez. Everyone’s dressed to the nines, and I look like a complete schlub,” said Theron, lamenting that if she were to go home and get dressed up in “fancy clothes” that she might miss the presentation of the Academy Award for Best Actress. “Saoirse Ronan told me she was just going to ‘wear whatever,’ but she’s absolutely stunning. Even my agent looks better than me. Maybe if I just sit down, nobody will notice what I’m wearing.” At press time, Theron was sprinting down Hollywood Boulevard to buy a nice skirt at the Gap.


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