Netflix Defends ‘Queer Eye’ Episode Where The Fab Five Forced To Euthanize Completely Hopeless Slob

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LOS GATOS, CA—Insisting that the controversial episode served as a stirring reminder of the importance of self-improvement, Netflix representative Tina Komal spoke in defense of a recent episode of ‘Queer Eye’ wherein the the Fab Five were forced to euthanize a contestant who was a completely hopeless slob. “We certainly wish that this contestant had been capable of enacting the simple tips suggested by our team of lifestyle experts, but unfortunately, euthanization was ultimately deemed the only practical option for improving his life,” said Komal in a stirring defense of the episode where, after futilely encouraging the unemployed Tim Yonkers to try on a variety of tailored button-up shirts and walking him through a fresh mango salsa recipe to shake up his carb-heavy diet, the Fab Five solemnly led Yonkers out to his re-landscaped backyard to be mercy-killed with a single gunshot to the head by grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness. “Though the episode may be upsetting to some of our viewers, we must also remember the countless viewers who have been deeply touched by Yonkers’ story and the team’s tireless efforts to help him—which happened to include a little tough love.” Komal went on to add that, at the conclusion of the episode, Yonkers’s friends and family had been delighted by the changes he’d undergone.


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