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LOS ANGELES—Shedding light on a possible key plot point of the upcoming film Avengers: Endgame, an emerging theory among fans of the Marvel franchise suggests the key to beating Thanos could be nothing, nothing at all, because he isn’t real and none of this exists, sources reported Tuesday. “They left plenty of Easter eggs hinting at it in the first three Avengers movies, so it’s pretty obvious—the way to counter Thanos’ power now that he has all the infinity stones must be to simply realize he’s CGI and that it’s just a movie,” Avengers fan Raoul Bengston wrote in an online forum, detailing the potential implications of the villain being completely imaginary, including the possibility that the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe could itself be a wholly fabricated world devised decades ago by comic book writers. “Imagine what it would mean if, instead of T’Challa and Peter Parker disintegrating at the end of Infinity War, they turned out to be fictional characters portrayed by professional actors Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland, who ultimately survive because the infinity stones aren’t real? Could be quite a game-changer.” At press time, the majority of fans on the forum had begun to tear into the new theory, deeming it “far-fetched” and “unrealistic.” 

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