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LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND—Speaking candidly with reporters, drummer Pete Best disclosed for the first time Thursday that in addition to being fired from the Beatles, he was also forced out of The Who, Queen, Pink Floyd, and The Kinks just before each band got famous. “When I arrived at the studio to record ‘My Generation,’ Roger Daltrey pulled me aside to say that a fellow called Keith Moon would be playing my part instead, and the rest is history,” said Best, who described a long career of fateful coincidences, such as the time being asked to leave an early version of Jefferson Airplane led to an incredible opportunity to get canned by The Mamas & The Papas. “I actually learned to play guitar for Cream, and when they kicked me out and brought in Eric Clapton, that was when I finally, at long last, had enough free time to start a project of my own. That band turned out great. They’re called Crosby, Stills and Nash now.” Asked what he hoped would be his greatest legacy as a musician, Best responded that he expected future generations would always remember him as the sixth Temptation.


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