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CHICAGO—Dedicating the track to all those who have blindly supported him over the years, singer R. Kelly released an emotional new song Monday thanking fans for their continued, unwavering acceptance of his sex crimes. “When I’m accused of sexual assault (assault) / Thanks for finding the victims at fault (fault),” sings Kelly in the 19-minute track, entitled “Don’t Hold Me Accountable,” a passionate and at times tearful ode to supporters heedless of his criminal actions as well as those who actively harass others for pointing out the singer’s long history of well-documented sexual misconduct. “My actions are indefensible (indefensible) / What I did is reprehensible (reprehensible) / But because you like my songs (songs) / Nothing I ever do is wrong (wrong).” At press time, the new track had jumped to the top of the charts and several prominent music critics were already declaring it the song of the summer.

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