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LEXINGTON, KY—Pushing back against what they view as political correctness run amok, DJs at local radio station 104.5 “The Cat” were defiantly playing “The Little Drummer Boy” on repeat Tuesday despite claims that the Christmas standard contains sexually predatory themes. “This is a classic song, and the manufactured outrage surrounding it won’t frighten us into taking it off the air,” said Director of Programming Darren Boccia, telling reporters that he rejected the modern interpretation of a hidden, coercive meaning behind lyrics like “Come they told me” and “Pa rum pum pum pum.” “I grew up singing this song, my kids grew up singing it, and we’re not going to stop playing it because a few people with dirty minds have constructed some perverse narrative about the ox and ram keeping time that no one was thinking about when the song was written in the 1940s. We’ll be playing ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ 24/7 until Christmas, and if people don’t like it, they can switch to a different station.” Boccia added that the station would continue its years-long practice of refusing to play “Silver Bells” due to the song being an obvious affront to Christ.

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