OXFORD, MI—In the wake of the literary world’s loss of iconic New Journalism writer Tom Wolfe, a report released Tuesday by the New York Review Of Books revealed that John Grisham—the novelist behind such works as The Last Juror, A Time To Kill, and Skipping Christmas—was slowly but steadily climbing the ranks of the greatest living American authors. “With the recent death of Tom Wolfe, we can confirm that Mr. Grisham, the legal fiction writer behind both Theodore Boone: The Accused and Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, has continued his reliable ascent up the most notable living names in American letters,” the report read in part, adding that the recent passing of Ursula Le Guin, Denis Johnson, and Robert M. Pirsig had also contributed to the crime author rising several places to 3,071 on a running ranking of important U.S. litterateurs. “His position in the list did drop several dozen spots when he released Sycamore Row back in 2017, but otherwise, his march toward becoming one of the nation’s most significant literary minds appears to be continuing unimpeded.” The report concluded that despite his recent gains, Grisham would likely never come to surpass David Baldacci, the current greatest living American author.