Illustration for article titled Report: Majority Of Americans Know Which YouTube Clip They’ll Post Following Dustin Hoffman’s Death

PRINCETON, NJ—Confirming that a majority of the country is ready for when the time comes, a study released Tuesday by researchers at Princeton University found that 81 percent of Americans know exactly which YouTube clip they’ll post on social media upon Dustin Hoffman’s death. “Whether it’s a scene highlighting Hoffman’s versatility as a comedic performer in Tootsie, or the iconic closing sequence of The Graduate, our study found that four of every five citizens are poised and ready to share a video honoring the two-time Academy Award winner at a moment’s notice,” read the report in part, which noted that a significant portion of the populace already has plans to caption their links with either “RIP” or “We’ll never have another one like him.” “And while we found that the remaining 19 percent of Americans do not have a specific clip in mind for Dustin Hoffman’s passing, this is largely due to the fact that many of these individuals remain torn over which scene from Rain Man they would like to share, be it the famous Wapner scene, or the more touching kiss in the elevator, or another scene altogether.” The study follows a similar report released earlier this year that found that a mere 21 percent of Americans have a clip in mind for the eventual passing of Judd Hirsch.

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