Report: More Americans Willing To Accept Female Wonder Woman

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LOS ANGELES—Signaling a dramatic shift in public opinion, a new report released Monday by the Entertainment Research Council revealed that more Americans than ever are willing to accept a female Wonder Woman. “Our poll shows that a record 64 percent of moviegoers in the U.S. are now comfortable with the idea of Wonder Woman being a woman,” said the report’s lead author, Rebecca Pohlman, explaining that in the past decade the nation has grown more supportive of a female Diana, Princess of Themyscira, even though as recently as 1990 less than 10 percent of Americans thought an actress should play the part of the Amazonian superhero. “Still, this remains a highly polarizing issue, as 31 percent of those surveyed claimed they couldn’t possibly imagine Wonder Woman as anything other than a male. Even a sizable minority of those who said they were potentially open to a female Wonder Woman said they would remain skeptical until they could judge the portrayal with their own eyes.” While the poll suggested that the nation was increasingly receptive to women taking on more diverse roles, the survey also found that only 28 percent of Americans were amenable to a black Black Panther.